Election Night 11/8/2016 by Sam Kosola

Well, not to put too much opinion into this, but we in Seattle didn't see this one coming.  Capitol Hill (in my experience) is usually a hotbed for celebration come election day.  Not this time though.  Ghost town, deflated balloon, that scene in Saving Private Ryan where the dude is picking up his own arm off the ground is a better way to describe the disbelief of the situation.  Lets hope for better things to come.  

Oregon Trail Rally by Sam Kosola

Motor sport is a great passion of mine, so it was a pleasure to be present and shoot this event. Travis Pastrana (featured in this gif) took second place overall for the weekend at the Oregon Trail Rally. Amazing to see him drive in person!  Keep it up!

The Piranha Shop / Electric Coffin by Sam Kosola

Duffy is a friend of mine and an influential part of the Seattle art scene.  One of his many claims to fame is the ownership of The Piranha Shop, an independent art gallery / work place / event space, in the Sodo neighborhood of Seattle.  I had the pleasure of documenting the experimental screen printing process at his Top Secret work space, Electric Coffin

Iceland #1 by Sam Kosola

Flying in was an interesting time on it's own.  Out of the city, over mountains, over tundra, over ocean, and suddenly over a rock in the water, steaming and churning and coming in fast.  This was to be like no trip I had ever been on.  My friend and I decided to rent a car, on this particular occasion, it was a Suzuki Jimny.  This little donkey made it up mountains, over flood plains, through herds of Icelandic horses, and anything else we threw in front of it.  Amazing steed, to be sure.  We saw many breathtaking places, met great people and stayed in a hostel in the shadow of the volcano that shutdown European airspace.  A very good trip indeed.